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The FOI archive provides responses to past general information requests made to BC Ferries under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. For current requests, view the FOI Tracker page.

To locate a specific request or keyword, choose the year you are interested in and use Ctrl-F on your keyboard or Command-F on a Mac to bring up a search box for typing your search request. To see or search the entire list for all years simply click on the printer friendly link above and to the right of this paragraph.

Request# Request Requestor Responsive Records
  1. Contract between B.C. Ferries and Western Pacific Marine with respect to the provision of passenger ferry service between Vancouver Island and Lasqueti Island.
  2. Most recent Request for Proposal for the provision of passenger ferry service between Vancouver Island and Lasqueti Island.
Individual 18-001 Web Response Letter #1
(PDF 45 KB/2 pages)

18-001 Web Response Letter #2
(PDF 39 KB/2 pages)

18-001 Responsive Record
(PDF 1.27 MB/64 pages)

18-005 All records relating to the fees charged to passengers with bicycles. When these fees were introduced, on which routes, and all the revenues generated from these charges. All funds spent on, and projected to be spent on, the provision of facilities for bikes on board BC Ferries. Individual 18-005 Web Response Letter
(PDF 46 KB/2 pages)

18-005 Responsive Records #1
(PDF 36 KB/1 page)

18-005 Responsive Records #2
(PDF 14 KB/1 page)

18-006 I understand an independent outside organisation measured the levels of electromagnetic radiation on some of the ferries. May I please have a copy of the work order or by any other name requesting the outside company do the report, their terms of reference, and a copy of the report submitted to BC Ferries. Individual 18-006 Web Response Letter #1
(PDF 42 KB/2 pages)

18-006 Responsive Record #1 TSA
(PDF 3 MB/51 pages)

18-006 Responsive Record #2 CCEL
(PDF 2 MB/38 pages)

18-006 Responsive Record #3 SOBC
(PDF 2 MB/33 pages)

18-006 Responsive Record #4 SWB
(PDF 2 MB/42 pages)

18-006 Responsive Record #5 Routine Disclosure: Executive Summary
(PDF 329 KB/10 pages)

18-006 Web Response Letter #2
(PDF 42 KB/2 pages)

18-006 Responsive Record #6
(PDF 65 KB/2 pages)

18-008 A copy of the entire Planetworks RF field intensity testing report. Individual 18-008 Web Response Letter
(PDF 41 KB/1 page)

18-012 Specified information and records concerning the Denman Island Cable Ferry Project with regard to the "Total Operating Expenses" for Route 21 as shown in the "Route Statements" of the Annual Reports to the BC Ferries Commissioner. Individual 18-012 Web Response Letter
(PDF 41 KB/1 page)