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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Wi-Fi?
"WiFi" is the nickname for Wireless Fidelity. Wireless Fidelity is a group of technical standards enabling the transmission of data over wireless networks. Wi-Fi allows users high speed internet access without the use of wires or cables. Wi-Fi enabled devices can send and receive data wirelessly from any BC Ferries location equipped with Wi-Fi access. 

2. How do I connect to the BC Ferries Wi-Fi signal?
Follow these steps:

  • Ensure your wireless is turned on and enabled.
  • Click on your wireless icon to view available networks
  • Connect to “BC Ferries” wireless network.
  • Launch your web browser, and agree to the BC Ferries Terms and Conditions.

3. Why is video (or high bandwidth internet websites) not allowed on BC Ferries' Wi-Fi?
Streaming video must be restricted due to the bandwidth limitations of the ship-to-shore radios and to allow as many customers as possible to access Wi-Fi. 

4. What do I do if I experience difficulties connecting?
Please use the following quick tips to help troubleshoot any problems:

  • Shutdown and restart your computer/mobile device.
  • Disable and then re-enable wireless connectivity. 
  • Close all internet browsers and then reopen the browser window.
  • Follow prompts to connect to BC Ferries Wi-Fi.
  • Despite our best efforts, you may experience connection difficulties during peak travel times and during the journey where connectivity is the weakest. 

5. What hardware is required for accessing the Wi-Fi connection?
A Wi-Fi capable device that supports the Wi-Fi standard (also known as IEEE 802.11B/G/N) and a web browser.

6. Is my Wi-Fi connection secure?
BC Ferries wireless network is not secure, unless you are connected to a webpage that employs encryption.  BC Ferries cannot guarantee the security of your information across its wireless network.  The use of this service is at your discretion.

7. I can't get a Wi-Fi signal but the person next to me can.
Not all Wireless cards are the same. The quality of your card versus your neighbour's card may differ and impact the signal connection.

8. Will I experience interference or disruption on the wireless network?
Yes, interference or disruption of the service may occur.  The complimentary Wi-Fi service is a monitored best effort service.  If the service becomes unavailable please close your browser window and try again later.

9. Do I need special software or drivers to connect?
While you won't need special software, up-to-date drivers have remedied many connection problems. The drivers included with the card may be several generations old. Updates are usually available on the vendor's website.

10. Can I print webpages or files from my laptop using the BC Ferries wireless network?
No, the wireless network does not connect to any public facing printers.

11. Does the wireless network pose a health hazard?
No, according to research the wireless network does not pose any health risk. It uses radio signals within a safe spectrum.

12. What kind of wireless card do I need?
You need a 802.11B/G/N wireless network card. Most Wi-Fi capable devices have wireless built in so you will want to check with your device manufacturer for your options.

13. Do I need to update my operating system for wireless?
You don't need to update your OS specifically for wireless but it is always a good idea to keep your software fully patched and up to date. You need to make sure that your OS remains safe when you are on the wireless network (or any internet connected networks).

14. Does a wireless card reduce battery life?
Yes, the use of a wireless card does reduce the life of a battery as it’s constantly radiating a signal.

15. Are there any limitations and/or disclosures?
BC Ferries wireless network is not secured, and can’t guarantee the safety of your information across its wireless network. BC Ferries assumes no responsibility for the configurations, security or files on your Wi-Fi device resulting from connection to the BC Ferries wireless network.

Will the BC Ferries Wi-Fi network interfere with my home network?
Wireless signals do not penetrate building walls easily, and therefore it is unlikely that the BC Ferries Wi-Fi signal will interfere with an existing home network. In addition, the 802.11 Wi-Fi standard provides for a number of non-interfering channel frequencies which all certified devices can use. If you suspect interference between your network and BC Ferries Wi-Fi, change the channel of your home access point.

17. How much radiation is emitted from the BC Ferries Wi-Fi network?
The radiation emitted through wireless networks, such as BC Ferries Wi-Fi, is lower than most cellular phones, televisions and radio transmitters.

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