Commercial Travel Card

Net the Rewards

When you choose the pre-authorized payment option on your Commercial Travel Card account, you’ll enjoy additional benefits.

Why apply for a pre-authorized payment account?

  • extend your net payment terms from 14 to 30 days;
  • enjoy the convenience of automatic withdrawals;
  • avoid late payment interest charges;
  • receive a refund of your existing cash security deposit.


How do I apply for a pre-authorized payment account?

Complete the application form and...

 CTC Application Form >>


When will my existing account be changed over to the pre-authorized payment option?

Once your application has been received and approved you will be contacted to confirm the date your account will be moved over to the pre-authorized payment option.

When will I receive my invoice?

As a commercial customer, you will continue to receive weekly invoices detailing your travel. Please note that effective Wednesday June 13 weekly invoices will be now be issued on Wednesdays, instead of Thursdays.

When will my security deposit be refunded?

Your cash deposit will be refunded once all invoices and related service charges issued under the 14 day payment terms have been paid in full.


If you require any further information please contact Customer Accounts at 250-978-1173.