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Travelling with Gasoline and Propane Tanks

Gasoline Containers

Approved spare containers of gasoline are permitted on our ferries, but only in limited amounts. The containers cannot exceed 25L.

  • RVs/vehicles may carry one spare container,
  • a boat towed behind a vehicle may carry two, and
  • a vehicle carrying a boat on top, may carry only one spare container.
  • Foot passengers are not allowed to carry gasoline on board.

Auxiliary Fuel Tanks: Not to be confused with spare gas tanks, (see above), auxiliary fuel tanks that form an integral part of the vehicle, connected by a fuel line to the engine fuel system, and firmly secured and protected from external damage, are permitted.

Diesel Fuel: Diesel fuel in tidy tanks 450L or less is permitted. Please Contact Us for details.


Propane Tanks

Propane valves must be closed and sealed with the tags issued at the ticket booth, and the cylinders must be upright and firmly secured, to prevent tipping.

  • Service repair vehicles may carry one 25kg cylinder.
  • RVs are permitted a maximum of two cylinders of not more than 25 kg each (50L water capacity each), provided they are connected to a regulator, and secured in or on the vehicle. Recreational vehicles may carry a third cylinder no larger than 15 kg (30L water capacity) for BBQ needs.
  • Passenger vehicles are permitted to carry one cylinder Bar-B-Q size (commonly called a 20 pound cylinder).
  • SAFETY ALERT: "The brass valve in a propane cylinder will be damaged if it comes in contact with anhydrous ammonia.  This deterioration will lead to cracking of the valve body or its components and can ultimately result in a violent, unexpected expulsion of the valve from the cylinder, causing personal injury or death."  See full slot แจก เครดิต ฟรี ไม่ ต้อง ฝาก Safety Alert for more details.

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